LOC Handy Fogger

Foggers India offers you LOC Handy Fogging Machine To manage mosquitoes the way you want to. And you can do it yourself, It helps you manage Mosquito menace, LOC Handy Fogging Machine is most effective for small areas like poultry farmers, bungalows, party lawns housing societies, farm houses schools, etc.

  • Covers small areas effectively.
  • Weight just 1.5 kg.
  • Use LP-Gas as burner fuel.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Reliable hand pump for fog output.
  • Nation wide sales and service.
  • Patented Coil cleaning system.

Fogger Xl 150

Fogger XL 150 is Portable thermal fogging machine, based on thermal aerosol fog,petroleum based resonate pulse principle, generally called as pulse jet based thermal fogging machine, with petal valve based carburator engine tube


  • The machine is build on sturdy chasis.
  • Secured mounting and protective cover for operators.
  • Easy start and stop the machine and Fog on and off operations with metering value
  • Fogger XL 150 is a power performer.Easy to operate. Lightweight.

Battery Sprayer

Battery Sprayer is 16 Lt capacity knapsack sprayer operated with rechargeable batteries. Now no need to pump the handle with hand, just press the trigger and start spraying. The sprayer is designed for spraying Weedicides and Pesticides for all type of Vegetables and Field Crops.


  • Single Piece Body made of UV stabilize PE material.
  • One full charge can do spraying upto 5 to 6 hours.
  • Three Pin Charging Plug, Dual Purpose charger for 12V9A & 12V12A batteries.
  • No need to buy additional charger in case changing batteries from 9A to 12A.

Battery Sprayer 12×8

“Foggers Battery operated knapsack sprayer operated with rechargeable batteries.Now no need to pump the handle with hand, just press the trigger and start spraying. The sprayer is designed for spraying Weedicides and Pesticides for all type of Vegetables and Field Crops”


  • High Quality 12v batteries for long spray cycle
  • One full charge can do spraying up to 5 to 6 hours
  • Very strong tank made from HDPE
  • Attachments of nozzles of different kinds.
  • Special pressure regulator switch for Low to High Pressure

Toofan Mist Blower Cum Duster

TOOFAN is a New Generation Power Mist Blower for Faster and More Efficient Mist Blowing for Coverage of Field Crops Like Cotton, Paddy, Maize etc. and Fruits and Vegetables etc. TOOFAN is Powerful Mist Blower fitted with 14 Litre Formulation Tank, which has facility of Spraying Liquid as well as Dust Formulations.

Hydra – Spraying Gun (1.5) (Italy)

  • Ergonomic grip in nylon reinforced with fibreglass.
  • No- strain operation.
  • Device for adjusting width of spraying cone reversible for left – handed users.
  • MICRO- JET Diffuser with air mixing for a perfect micro atomization of liquid sprayed and low impact on plant.
  • Lock on closing conforms  to UNI EN 907.
  • Intel G ½ (BSP)with brass Swivel Attachment .
  • Stainless Steel  cylinder.
  • Internal parts in stainless steel and brass
  • Ceramic Nozzle.
  • Max perating pressure 50 bar.

Fogger Xl 200 2 In 1

  • Foggers India once again is very happy to stand up to solve the industry challenge by Introduction of 2 in 1 series of Thermal Cum Cold Foggers , which give today’s health professional Choice and Option of switching over from Oil Based Thermal Fogging to Water based Cold Fogging , depending on the client , site and control plan.
  • This was easy as now. There is no need to invest in two different equipments.
  • Fogger Xl 200 is vehicle Mountable Thermal Fogging machine , based on thermal aresole fog, petroleum based resonate pulses principal
  • Generally called as pluse jet based thermal fogging machine , with petal valve based carburetor engine tube. the machine is build on protective  cover for operators, it has wired remot control operation for  convently start and stop the  machine and fog  on and operation from drivers seat
  • Fogger XL 200 can be mounted on three wheeler or four wheeler pick up.
  • Fogger XL 200 comes with 2 X 70 ltr Stainless Steel Formulation tank.
  • One Wach for Oil based formulation and One for Waterbased formulation.
  • Tested and Approved as per BIS 14855(Part I)
  • Complayance with WHO Standards

Hurricane Ultra

The Hurricane is ideal for spraying in industrial and domestic areas. Hurricane fitted with 3 sonic ULV Nozzles gives you droplet sizes, which control for both ULV spraying and residual spraying.

Model No. 2795

  • Power Input: 210/250  volts / AC  3.4 amps
  • Flow Rate / L.P.H.   0 to 17 LPH
  • Particle Size: 10 to 50 microns
  • Tank Capacity: 3.8 Ltr
  • Empty : 3.0 kg

Twister Xl

The Twister XL is the most impressive ULV backspace applicator in the world. The Twister features a remarkable nozzle and blower system that clearly outperforms the competition in value, durability and performance.

It boosts the highest flow rates for true (ULV) droplets of any backpack sprayer in the market today.

The Twister is designed as a lightweight compact aerosol generator that is ergonomically suited for long periods of use by the operator This unit excels in controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects by way of its patented Microtec nozzle that produces 90% of the droplets under 20 microns at flow rates under 6.0 oz/min (178 ml/min).

Ss Fog 400

SS 400F through its two units, applies high-dense fog to an extensive area at 150 ltr. PH enabling an economical extermination work in terms of manpower and time.

Though the fixed nozzle the mixture ratio of fuel and chemicals is automatically adjusted, and the standard chemical tank capacity stands at 108 Ltr.

The unit can be perfectly remote controlled allowing the users to automatically operate two units adjust the fogging volumes and stop each or both of them from within the car, it is also effective in exterminating harmful insects from tropical crops (rubber palm and cocoa plants on a windless and appropriate weather day.